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One of the things you can do to make selling your home go as smoothly as possible is getting a Pre-Listing Home Inspection done. Just as a buyer needs to do their due diligence, a seller needs to do theirs. Imagine you are well into the negotiations of selling your home. Your buyer is excited to move forward, they hire an inspector to inspect your home/ their potential future home – and everything comes to a halt when problems are discovered that no one was a ware of.

As a seller, how confident are you that the buyer’s home inspector isn’t going to discover any potentially concerning issues about your home?

The best way for a seller to increase their chance of closing the transaction without any delay is to have a Pre-Listing inspection done before their house goes on the market, especially if your next home purchase is contingent on your home getting sold. Here are a few reasons why:
Knowledge is power and a ‘surprise’ amid a negotiation is never a good thing.

It is natural not to be aware of everything pertaining to your home amidst day-to-day life. For example, when was the last time you were on your roof? Or looked in your chimney? Or crawled around in the attic? Ever viewed the basement foundation? Do you know how old your water heater and HVAC are? What about the plumbing or electrical systems? This is what a Pre-Listing Inspection can do for you – it can make you aware of the condition of all areas of your home. This will go a long way in negotiating the sale of your home and making sure things proceed smoothly and without delay. It is never helpful when the buyer’s home inspector discovers “surprises” with the home that you were either not aware of or forgot about over the years.

Disclosure is not an unpleasant surprise.

Many sellers fear that by having an inspection, they will then have to disclose everything to a buyer. True, but the buyer is going to find out anyway. Undisclosed discoveries made during the inspection process can often erode the trust between buyer and seller. Trust is what underpins successful transactions. And when the buyer can see that the seller has done all in their power (by means of a pre-listing inspection) to discover and disclose everything about their property, then the transaction is usually going to be very smooth and successful.

Having a Pre-Listing inspection does not mean that the seller now has to repair every item in the inspection report, but they do need to disclose everything.

It is simply best to be aware of the true condition of all aspects of your home. You will need to disclose all you know about the home, but that doesn’t mean that you need to pay for all repairs. Based on the inspection findings, you’ll be able to price your home right. You’ll be prepared and knowledgeable when a buyer makes a bid.

You’ll have a smoother transaction and a faster closing.

All parties want a sale and purchase process that is free of hitches and can close within a reasonable time frame. A Pre-Listing inspection drastically cuts down or eliminates the potential for a ‘surprise’ discovery de-railing the whole process. Why take the risk? Get a pre-listing inspection.

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