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Before either checking availability, getting a quote, and/or booking an inspection, here’s what to expect from this process…
The software will allow you to:

1) See availability

2) Receive a customized bid for the inspection. This will occur BEFORE the inspection is officially booked so you can always leave the system before finalizing the booking. Please make sure you provide the following information in order for the customized bid to be accurate:
-Square Footage
-Build Date
-Foundation Type (Slab-on-grade or Raised foundation)
-Address of building to be inspected (use the address checking software on the same page to assist you with zip code).

3) Book an Inspection

NOTE: The complete booking process takes about 5-10 minutes which is usually much faster than the time it takes for us to call you back (unfortunately). But if you do get stuck or frustrated with the system, then please call us at 916-374-7308, or email us at to alert us of your situation.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to providing you excellent service!