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At Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc., we recognize the importance of a thorough and well-thought-out inspection plan. We give our best to inspect all the aspects of every home we are tasked to inspect. Most importantly, we take our time to ensure that our clients are well informed about all the conditions of the home before acting on any decision.

Our services cater to buyers, sellers, as well as owners; in other words, anyone who would want to know more about the home they are thinking of buying, or selling, or currently owning and/or living in.

Below is a list of our inspection services. If you have questions regarding these, click the service that will lead you to the page explaining the same. You can also call us to discuss your needs.

Home Inspection SacramentoBuyer Inspection Sacramento

Whenever you are buying a home, you need to have the property thoroughly inspected before you close the deal. If you neglect this important task, you could end up discovering that the building has many problems that you were unaware of. Also, chances are high that these problems could be expensive to repair. Read more about our Buyer Inspection here…

Home Inspection SacramentoPre-Listing Inspection Sacramento

If you are selling your home and want to make sure the sales process will go as smoothly as possible it would be wise to consider a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Just as a buyer needs to do their due diligence, a seller surely needs to do theirs. Read more about our Pre-listing Inspection here

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New Construction Inspection Sacramento

“New” does not always translate as “perfect” construction. No matter how good your builder is, they are prone to making errors or maybe overlooking certain building standards that you will later need to deal with as code violations. Having a third-party home inspector conduct a thorough final ‘check-up’ to make sure that everything is in place on your new home is certainly a prudent choice. Read more about our New Construction Inspection here

Home Inspection Sacramento1-Year Builder’s Warranty Sacramento

A Warranty Inspection or 1-Year Builder Warranty Inspection is typically performed prior to the 1-year anniversary of new home-ownership, while the builder is still responsible for most defects. Did the builder call to remind you that your home warranty was about to expire? Most don’t provide this courtesy so it’s a good idea to mark this date on your calendar. Read more about our Builder’s Warranty here

Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. Let this experienced Sacramento Home Inspection company help keep you from buying the dreaded ‘Money Pit’! We take pride in our commitment to following high standards and providing a professional service to all of our clients. We truly appreciate you thinking of us.


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