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“New” does not always translate as “perfect” construction. No matter how good your builder is, they are prone to making errors. He maybe overlooking certain building standards that you will later need to deal with as code violations. Having a third party home inspector conduct a thorough final ‘check-up’ to make sure that everything is in place on your new home is a prudent choice.

Reasons Why a Home Inspection on a New Home is a Good Idea

A new homeowner may not have the expertise to always know what to look out for in the finished property. Moreover, he/she can’t tell if the building is ready to move into. Unfinished work, like improperly designed water management systems, improper roof shingle nailing, defective deck set up and other defects can severely impact you once you move into your home, so these types of issues should be caught and fixed.

Checking for code violations can prevent problems later on – Building code violations are problematic for any homeowner. After you are beaming with pride over your new patio for instance, you certainly don’t want to be pulled up for it and made to pay a fine just because it doesn’t adhere to the local municipal codes.
Some defects can ruin a good home. Some faulty constructions can ruin the peace of mind that a new home is supposed to bring. In some cases be downright dangerous. This can especially be the case if you have young children at home.

Resale value can be affected by improper construction. Quality construction will always fetch a good resale price on the market, even if it’s decades from the time the home was first built. Make sure your construction is up to standard. Why? So that you can expect a good price for it when you decide to sell and move on.
Common practice before handover – If you have ever found yourself having to deal with the question of, ’Should I get a home inspection on new construction?’’, know that you are not alone.

So, is a Home Inspection Necessary for a New Construction?

A builder or city inspector may not have the time to make sure that all the finer details are down pat for your new home. Especially given the fact that they only spend minutes on each property, not hours. A home inspector on the other hand will take the time to go over such details. They’ll also check that the main components of the building are fully functional. This will enable you to have the builder fix anything that needs fixing. Thus, avoiding expensive repairs that you’ll have to pay later on.


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