Fees & Quotes

Fees and QuotesHow much does a home inspection cost?

The fee structure is based on several factors all of which contribute to the amount of time it takes to perform a home inspection and write the ensuing report, namely:

  1. Size of home
  2. Foundation type (concrete slab vs. raised foundation)
  3. Age of home

These criteria need to be taken into consideration before an accurate quote can be given.

Please use our online booking service to enter this data and obtain a quote.
Don’t worry, you won’t be actually booking an inspection until right at the very end of the booking process and can leave the system once the software has generated your customized quote.

Before you start the booking process, below is a short preview of what is going to be asked during this 11 step process. The process may appear to be time-consuming and/or daunting but it should take less than 5 minutes for you to achieve 1. a specific quote for the property, 2. check availability, and/or 3. follow through and actually book an inspection:

These are the steps:

Step 1: Identify whether you are the seller, a buyer, or an agent.

Step 2: The address. Where is this inspection going to be?

Step 3: Client info. (First name, last name, email address, contact # )

Step 4 & 5: Agent info (First name, last name, and email)

Step 6 & 7: Listing agent info –optional. (The only reason we ask for this is so that the listing agent can also receive email notification of your inspection and is asked to be ready!)

Step 8: Building info. (Size, age, foundation type)

Step 9: Inspection type(s). Choose what type of inspection(s) you want.

Step 10: Calendar. See our availability. Choose a day and time for the inspection.

Step 11: Final edit and/or Confirm booking

Step 12: That’s it! 

Ready to start? Ok. Click here to begin.  We look forward to providing you great service!