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Whenever you are buying a home, you need to have the property thoroughly inspected before you close the deal. If you neglect this important task, you’ll end up discovering that the building has many problems that you were unaware of. Also, chances are high that these problems could be expensive to repair.

Why get an inspection? By hiring an experienced inspector to inspect the building, you can have existing problems identified before you take ownership. By doing so, you and the seller can then negotiate who will pay for these repairs whilst you still have the leverage of walking away from the deal if you are not satisfied with the seller’s response.

The Inspection process: The inspector will examine the entire building and will (usually) detect a number of issues. After he has completed the inspection, he will document his findings and email you the report, usually the following day but sometimes sooner. If he has found any significant issues he will refer them to an expert in the appropriate field to make a closer examination and provide you, the client with repair bid(s).

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Home Inspection:

It is best to let the home inspector focus 100% on the job at hand. In other words, if you have any major concerns please let the inspector know them before the inspection (via email is fine). So that he can focus on those areas of concern in particular. Please feel free to come to the property any time you want. But please understand that the inspection process will take anywhere between two to five hours. You might have better things to do during that time. And please don’t shadow your home inspector and ask a lot of questions during the inspection process! This will only serve to distract the inspector from the task at hand.

A proper home inspection requires great attention to detail. But please do try to be on the premises at the end of the home inspection. This way, the inspector can explain any issues that have been disclosed or discovered to you in person. At this point, if you have any further questions, please ask away!

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