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Are you looking for the best home inspection service in Sacramento? After years of inspecting houses around Sacramento, and rehabbing them for his own real estate business, James Chisholm founded Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. to take the worry out of buying a home.

So what do we check? We inspect every inch of the property, including the roof, structural, electrical, air conditioning, as well as plumbing. We climb in the attic unless there is absolutely no room. Also, we check the interior and the exterior, including pools and sprinkler systems. Lastly, we will notify you of every item that has a concern.

You will receive a detailed professional home inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection. There will be a photo and a description of every item that needs concern. There can be major issues in homes that look gorgeous, and we will be looking for them. In addition, don’t be surprised if we find 30 to 40 items that need attention. Most of these will be minor, but we include them, so you know what you are buying. A lot of maintenance gets neglected on houses, and usually, they are effortless to fix. Our home inspection reports are easy to read. We also include a summary of items that needs repairing, and if you plan to ask them to do the repairs or give you credit, you can easily provide that to the Seller.

We are committed to client satisfaction, which is why we are prepared to offer our Guarantee.

If you need the best home inspection in Sacramento, CA area, make the wise move and contact Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc.. You can schedule online or call (916) 374-7308.

We are in the process of buying a new house and selling our old house (like most people using a home inspector are). James did an excellent job finding all of the issues with the new house. So I am comfortable buying it, now that I know all of the house’s problems (which fortunately are just minor issues). And I wouldn’t have known what a good job James did if I wasn’t able to compare his work against the person that inspected my house. I was a bit concerned about the inspection, but that inspector didn’t find some of the issues (though minor) that I knew existed. I am just glad that James inspected the house I am buying. In addition to the great job he did, he answered all of my follow-up questions. Thanks, James!

Chris A.

Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. Let this experienced Sacramento Home Inspection company help keep you from buying the dreaded ‘Money Pit’! We take pride in our commitment to following high standards and providing a professional service to all of our clients. We truly appreciate you thinking of us.


Call us today at (916) 374-7308 or simply click here to book your own inspection appointment 24/7. Alternatively, please e-mail us if you require any additional information.

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