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Are you looking for the best home inspection service in Sacramento? After receiving his own sub-par home inspection by a local home inspection company back in 2007 James Chisholm founded Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. in order to take the worry out of buying a home for his future clients.

James Chisholm Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. OwnerJames Chisholm
James, born in Cambodia, grew up mainly in Turkey, Greece and England, came to New York in 1990. Married in 1995, he and his wife have raised/are raising 5 children together. After a 5-year stint in South Korea (1998-2003), he and his wife returned to America in 2003 and settled in Sacramento. After various jobs in the service industry, which included working with a general contractor, he established Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. in 2007 and has been working exclusively as a home inspector ever since.

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Katja Chisholm
Katja, born in Germany, grew up in Austria and first came to New York in 1991. Married in 1995, she and her husband live together with 5 children. Katja is usually the first point of contact for many who are seeking more information about getting a home inspection. While James has tried using a call center in the past but felt that despite their ability to always pick up the phone, there was a personal touch missing in the process and so Katja now takes occasional breaks in her mothering role to help answer questions and book appointments.

Sacramento Home Inspections, Inc. Let this experienced Sacramento Home Inspection company help keep you from buying the dreaded ‘Money Pit’! We take pride in our commitment to following high standards and providing a professional service to all of our clients. We truly appreciate you thinking of us.


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