“I had initially agreed to use the seller’s inspector for our home purchase.  Wanting to get an inspector more neutral I was driving up from LA to Sacramento for an inspection the next day before I realized that I should not use the seller’s inspector.  I was referred to James by another broker and called his office who was most helpful in scheduling James for the day after.  So I canceled the inspection with the seller’s inspector not really knowing what to expect from James.

My wife and I were totally impressed with how meticulous and thorough James was in going through every part of the home.  I was told that inspectors do a fast job and then talk to you at the end.  Not so with James.  He took his time and even answered questions my wife and I during the inspection.  He was quite tuned into every possible detail in the house and pointed things out to us as he went along, and although I felt we were interrupting him a bit he did not mind. He pointed out things that should be repaired and was very fair in telling us what was our responsibility and what was the seller’s responsibility.  He was able to physically get into small spaces, like the crawl space, that I could never imagine being able to get into.

And the final report with pictures and full explanations came so very promptly.  The report made so much sense because he had taken the time to verbally tell us things before. And he tells you whether it is optional to do something, or whether it is important to do something.

Whether you are the seller or the buyer, James is the home inspector for you.  I very rarely write yelp reviews, this is maybe my 10th one, but when someone totally impresses you, I felt I wanted to let others know.

He even offered to come back to make sure the repairs by the seller were made–the repairs that we physically​ could not see, like the crawl space.  In other words, we felt he was doing this job because he cared about the process-he cared that the home was in good condition.  No rush, just caring.”